According to some people, “a diet rich in animal proteins – in particular dairy proteins – provokes an excess of acid that dissolves the bone minerals which would then be excreted in high amounts in urine.” This is not true! Because of complex mechanisms, especially by the kidneys, a body in good health is always capable of maintaining a good ‘acid-base’ balance. In addition, animal proteins are not more acid than vegetable proteins. Even if they could cause a short-term excretion of more calcium in urine, this does not have an impact on your bones in the long term. In fact, a diet rich in protein increases the intestinal absorption of calcium. It therefore does not affect the calcium balance (which is the difference between the incoming and outgoing amounts of calcium), nor does it have an effect on the bone balance (which is estimated by assessing the processes of destruction and formation of bones). Dairy proteins are, in fact, beneficial for bones!