Whole goat’s milk contains approximately 3.5% fat (3.5g in 100ml of milk) and contains 58 kcal. Semi skimmed goat’s milk contains 48kcal/100 ml and 1.5% fat. Goat’s cheese contains between 12 and 27g fat/100g, meaning that compared to other cheeses they are somewhere in the middle in terms of fat content. Their fat content contributes to their typical taste and texture. The fresher a goat’s cheese is, the more water it contains and the lower its amount of fat is. The energy value of goat’s milk cheese varies from 160 kcal per 100g for fresh goat’s cheeses to 330 kcal per 100g for ripened cheeses. The fresher the goat’s milk cheese is, the lower its energy value (because it contains more water).