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Bulletin of the IDF No. 387/2004 - Bruges 2003 - Centenary of IDF - The Dairy (R)evolution - 100 Years Change - Scanned copy

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Bulletin of the IDF No. 387/2004








Centenary of IDF

Proceedings of the Centenary Session – 9 September 2003

Three speakers were asked to look into the future for the celebration of IDF’s 100th Birthday and dealt respectively with farm policy in Europe, dairy technology and dairy business.
15 pp

The Dairy (R)evolution – 100 Years of Change

Proceeding of the Policy, Economics and Marketing Conference

The Policy, Economics and Marketing Conference in Bruges highlighted current and the future developments in the main milk-producing regions of the world. It provided a comprehensive history of the production and consumption of the dairy products from their origins to the present day and pinpointed the role of IDF in this process. It went on to summarize the technical and business challenges in world dairying today and to examine future strategies at the producer, processor and retailer level. Finally, it put the world dairy industry into its current and the regulatory context.
37 pp

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