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Bulletin of the IDF N° 507/2020: The Codex General Standard for the Use of Dairy Terms Its nature, intent and implications

Nutritional value, functional properties and sensory characteristics of dairy products contribute to the good market position they enjoy. But imitations can pose potential health risks, and it is important that the consumer is not misled by the misuse of dairy names. The objective of The Codex General Standard for the Use of Dairy Terms is to determine where, when and how dairy terms may be used and where they may not.

This report is intended for legislators working on labelling matters in the national context, the regional context and the international context as well as for legal specialists in food companies and in trade associations concerned with these issues.


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Bulletin of the IDF No. 507/ 2020








This issue of the Bulletin of IDF provides information on the nature, intent and possible implications of the GSUDT in the context of national, regional and international trade, including its status in relation to the WTO Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement (TBT). The principles of the application of dairy terms are discussed, with examples, in relation to milk products, composite milk products and other foods. Their application to milk products with modified composition (for example, fat reduced, protein enriched, etc.) is also covered, with examples. The text of the Codex GSUDT is included as an appendix. Throughout the text reference is also made to the relevant provisions of the Codex General Standard for L abelling Prepackaged Foods (GSLPF).

Keywords: advertising, butter, cheese, Codex, coffee whiteners, condensed milk, cream, dairy, dried milk, evaporated milk, food legislation, GSLPF, labelling

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