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Bulletin of the IDF No. 351/2000 - Safety in Dairy Products


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Bulletin of the IDF No. 351/2000








The papers presented at the Symposium in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 4 April 2000, dealt with the subject of safety in dairy products, with special emphasis on safety and hazards in Europe. Today, safety in food products is very much in focus, due to calamities with microbiological outbreaks, dioxin contamination, and other threats to human health.
The consumer needs to be assured of the safety of the products consumed and of no threat to health. The papers focus on various aspects that are the major food safety criteria for milk and milk products, for which international standards exist through FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Food Standards Programme or other. These criteria involve potential microbiological pathogens, residues of veterinary drugs, residues of pesticides, PCBs and dioxins, and toxins that may contaminate the final products through cattle feed.
The latest developments in these fields and new techniques and protocols for contamination are discussed, along with their limits of detection and application of recombinant DNA technology for dairy production.

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