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Bulletin of the IDF No. 329/1998 - The Use of Nisin in Cheesemaking - Overview of Iceland’s Dairy Industry - Terminology for Milk Protein Fractions - Biofilms on Dairy Plant surfaces - IDF News Briefing on Diet & Health 1997: Milkfat & Coronary Heart Disease


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Bulletin of the IDF No. 329/1998








The Use of Nisin in Cheesemaking
by IDF Group of Experts B12 – The use of enzyme preparations in cheese manufacture

Nisin is an antibacterial substance produced by a number of lactic acid bacteria which can prevent the defect caused by some anaerobic sporeforming bacteria in cheese. This report contains a number of aspects of the use of nisin. Background information on bacteriocins is provided, followed by the history of nisin, a discussion of its properties, use, production and specification, and finally its legal status in various countries. The aim is to contribute to an adequate understanding and use of this component in the manufacture of good quality cheese.
19 pp

Overview of Iceland’s Dairy Industry
Presentation by G. Björgvinsson (Iceland) for Commission C at the 1997 Annual Sessions held in Reykjavik (Iceland)

An overview of the unique character of Icelandic agriculture is presented in relation to the country’s Arctic climate and terrain, isolation, and the small number of inhabitants.
6 pp

Terminology for Milk Protein Fractions
By F. Harding (United Kingdom) & K.R. Marshall (New Zealand)

The terminology of the various N fractions in raw cow milk is clarified in order to establish internationally agreed “working definitions”.
2 pp

Biofilms on Dairy Plant Surfaces: What’s New ?
By B. Carpentier (France), A.C.L. Wong (USA) & O. Cerf (France)

The definition of biofilm, still a subject of debate, is discussed. Secondly, Listeria monocytogenes on open surfaces, and thermally resistant bacteria in dairy processing lines are documented. Thirdly, biofilm resistance and adaptation to environmental stresses are dealt with. Lastly, this report presents new strategies for controlling surface hygiene.
4 pp

IDF News Briefing on Diet and Health 1997: Milkfat and Coronary Heart Disease
By M.I. Gurr (United Kingdom), Rapporteur of Subject F37 – Milk lipids in the diet and health

This review for 1996/97 concentrates on publications describing associations between milk lipids and risk factors for coronary heart disease and some that deal with disease end points, either myocardial infarction or stroke. Included are some topics that may have more to do with milk components other than lipids but where there is still some doubt as to the involvement of milk lipids.
4 pp

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