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Special Issue 0801 - The Challenge to Sheep and Goats Milk Sectors


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Special Issue 0801






Posters of an International Symposium, April 18-20, 2007, Alghero – Sardinia, Italy

Published in four separate parts

Scientific posters presented at the IDF 5th International Symposium on the Challenge to Sheep and Goats Milk Sectors, 18-20 April 2007, Alghero, Italy.

Presented in 4 sessions related to (1) raw milk, (2) processing and product, (3) characteristics of ewe’s and goat’s milk products and (4) market and perspectives.

Keywords: acids, artisanal, breeding, casein, cheese, CLA, ewe, fat, functional, goat, lactation, lamb, livestock, market, marketing, milk, non-bovine, nutrition, processing, production, protein, quality, raw, rennet, separation, sheep, technology, udder, vitamin, Yield

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