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ISO 14674 | IDF 190: 2005: Milk and milk powder - Determin. of aflatoxin M1 content - Clean-up by immunoaffinity chromatography and determination by thin-layer chromatography

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ISO 14674, IDF 190:2005







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This standard specifies a method for the determination of the aflatoxin M1 (AFM1) content of milk and milk powder by a method including a clean-up step using immunoaffinity chromatography followed by a thin-layer chromatography (IAC-TLC).

The method is applicable to raw milk, low fat or skimmed liquid milk and milk powder.The lowest quantity of AFM1 that can commonly be determined is 2 ng, which corresponds to a limit of quantification close to 0,10 micrograms per litre for liquid milk or dissolved milk powder (for a spot of 20 microlitres).

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