IDF World Dairy Summit 2022 achieves carbon neutrality


The IDF World Dairy Summit 2022, which was hosted by National Dairy Development Board in India (NDDB), was one of the biggest international conferences held so far in the dairy industry. The prestigious event, which spanned from 12 to 15 September 2022, was attended by more than 1,500 global stakeholders to facilitate discussion and exchange of knowledge on the theme of dairy nutrition and livelihood. As part of its commitment to climate action, NDDB took the initiative to make the event itself carbon neutral. Since its inception, this was the first World Dairy Summit that attempted carbon neutrality.

The 4K Earth Science Private Limited, who have a professionally qualified team of experts well versed with needs, compliance, practices and industry specific regulation requirements were engaged as the third-party services provider to objectively validate, verify, check, audit and report on GHG measures implemented by NDDB for the carbon neutrality of the IDF WDS 2022. The process of ensuring sufficient data collection for meticulous calculation of emissions during the event entailed foresight into event management and discussion among various stakeholders, like the event management agency, travel agencies, hotels that hosted the event, the delegates, etc.

All this data was shared with Zenith Energy Services, our carbon neutrality partner who calculated the final emissions from travel, food consumption and electricity use according to the emission factors of the source of emissions and arrived at a footprint of 815 t CO2e for the event on the basis of protocols and standards like India Specific Air Transport Emission Factors for Passenger Travel and Material Transport, 2015, India GHG program, Central Electricity Authority: CO2 Baseline Database; Version 17 (Oct 2021) and various carbon footprint calculators. On the basis of the proofs shared, the GHG emissions from the event were certified by the 4k Earth Science to be 815 tCO2e. Therefore, to make the event carbon neutral, 815 carbon credits were purchased. The credits were made available by Zenith Energy Services from a certified renewable energy project in the Kerala region. Once the purchase of the credits was completed, the event got certified and declared to be carbon neutral, thus making it the first ever IDF World Dairy Summit to achieve carbon neutrality. Congratulations to our colleagues for this achievement.

See an info graphic about the event reaching carbon neutrality here, and the full press release here.