IDF Head
Office Team

At the heart of IDF’s success is the experience, energy, and passion of the IDF Head Office Team.

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IDF is at the forefront in the development and sharing of scientific and technical knowledge, best practices and guidelines.

On behalf of the dairy sector, IDF provides input in the development of methods of analysis and sampling, nutritional and sustainability practices and policy, and standards in food composition, animal health and welfare.

Our skilled team members, along with IDF’s worldwide network of more than 1,200 dairy experts, help to define the environment in which the dairy value chain operates.

Ms. Laurence Rycken
Dr. María Sánchez Mainar
Ms. Apolina Fos
Mr. Sebastian Dates
Ms. Aurélie Dubois-Lozier
Dr. Anabel Mulet Cabero
Ms. Raquel Sousa

IDF Membership

IDF’s membership is made up of National Committees, constituted by dairy organizations in each country. Why join IDF?

Access to an unrivalled source of scientific and technical knowledge

Comprehensive coverage and understanding of all dairy-related issues

Participation in world class working groups

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IDF provides a permanent source of authoritative scientific and other information on a whole range of topics relevant to the dairy sector.