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Partnership opportunities

Helping to nourish the world with safe and sustainable dairy since 1903, and the leading source of scientific and technical expertise for all stakeholders of the dairy chain, IDF holds a strong and solid position, offering a targeted reach to a global audience. A recognised international authority for dairy, partners who link their name to IDF will increase their global presence.

CONNECT with key actors in the dairy sector including international, regional and national organizations, policy makers, dairy experts, private companies, scientists and academia.
ASSOCIATE your brand with the latest scientific knowledge and most trusted worldwide dairy expertise.
SUPPORT the delivery of IDF Programme of work. All revenues from sponsorship and partner agreements are used to enhance speedy and timely delivery of IDF’s work and improve communications inherent to dairy sector priorities, key issues and achievements.
INCREASE your visibility and overall level of recognition through activities and communications.
DISSEMINATE your message to selected audiences with interest in the dairy sector.
BENEFIT from many special advantages, including Recognition as Outstanding Partner to IDF work within the IDF network, your logo on the IDF website and intranet, and a free subscription to IDF publications for the duration of the agreement.

Find out more about our premium partnership opportunities, please download our Sponsorship Programme Brochure.

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Associate your brand with the latest scientific knowledge and most trusted worldwide dairy expertise

Increase your visibility and recognition through activities and communications.

Connect with key dairy stakeholders worldwide

Share your messages direct to the global dairy sector

Benefit from special advantages

  • The information provided will be used by IDF Head Office to provide to requested feedback. Your address or email will not be transmitted to any other organisation.

Gain global visibility and access to the latest scientific knowledge and most trusted worldwide dairy expertise, outstanding publications, events and activities through one of IDF's leading partnership opportunities

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