The levels of cholesterol in goat’s milk range from 6mg/100 ml in semi skimmed milk to 12 mg/100ml for whole milk. Goat’s milk cheeses also contain cholesterol but in moderate quantities: between 20 and 30 mg for a portion of 30g*.

* To compare: 20 g butter contains 50 mg cholesterol; 1 egg of 60 g contains 270 mg, 100 g egg yolk contains 1560 mg, 10 g liver contains 300 mg. It is important to know that the cholesterol levels in food only have very limited influence on the cholesterol levels in a healthy person. People’s cholesterol levels depends on 2 sources: 2/3 is synthesized by the liver and 1/3 comes from food. The body of healthy people regulates the level of cholesterol: when consumption of cholesterol diminishes, the body will automatically produce more, and vice versa. Cholesterol is indispensable for life. It is the precursor of bile acids, steroid hormones and of provitamin D. It also plays a role in the development of cellular membranes.