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Generating a better understanding of the global dairy sector through statistical analysis, data monitoring, and knowledge share

The long-term global outlook for the dairy sector according to the OECD indicates that world milk production is expected to grow at 1.7% p.a. (to 981 Mt by 2028) over the next decade, faster than most other main agricultural commodities. Rising populations and revenue growth are increasing demand for dairy, particularly in Asia and Africa.

IDF work in the area of economics and policies focuses on developments that influence dairy, providing statistical data on the sector, and monitoring developments in international trade politics, supply management policies, with the overall aim of improving milk production and encouraging consumption.

Through our international network of global experts, we are at the forefront of  developments that may affect the dairy sector, to equip our members with the information they need to respond.

Global trends impacting dairy

Rising global populations and changing diets are increasing demand for dairy. IDF work looks at the market developments faced by today’s global dairy sector at various points in the dairy value chain. We also explore challenges and opportunities, and how the dairy sector as a whole may adapt to them.

IDF work on economics and policies has become a vital resource for many in the global dairy chain. Our flagship publication ‘The World Dairy Situation Report’ released annually, provides a global holistic view of the sector and serves as a robust fact base for strategic decision-making.

Through our global network, IDF seeks to increase awareness of milk and milk products through various marketing tools and communication strategies, with the overall aim of sharing accurate and relevant knowledge about the sector. We also initiate projects designed to provide economic and statistical information to the member countries of IDF and the world’s dairy sector.
Our worldwide network of 1,200 experts makes IDF ideally placed to disseminate information and promote the interchange of knowledge. In addition to our publications, IDF holds a range of symposia, conferences, seminars, Special Addresses, and provides regular reports to the dairy sector.
We maintain relations with other international bodies, at intergovernmental and nongovernmental level, on behalf of the dairy sector on the policy and economic implications of their findings.
Our dedicated experts monitor developments in international trade policies, price support policies, supply management policies and programs designed to encourage the restructuring of milk production, pricing and marketing policies and programs designed to encourage consumption in developed and developing countries.
Among are principal aims are initiating projects to study developments which, in the broader sense, are likely to influence the global dairy situation.

IDF’s most visible work in this area is the annual project undertaken by our dairy policies and economic experts to provide relevant data and analysis for the World Dairy Situation Report and Dairy Declaration measurement and reporting. Amongst work undertaken includes:

  • Detailed information on production, processing, prices, consumption, and trade
  • Country reports from all global regions
  • Extensive monitoring on specific products, policies and programs
  • Insight on continuously changing global dairy market conditions
  • Analysis of worldwide market conditions and trends for each dairy product category

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Helping our members stay alert to global developments that may affect the dairy sector

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IDF provides a permanent source of authoritative scientific and other information on a whole range of topics relevant to the dairy sector.

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IDF provides a permanent source of authoritative scientific and other information on a whole range of topics relevant to the dairy sector.