IDF's publication process

Scientific, comprehensive, inclusive process

The IDF publication process ensures a high degree of scientific quality. This process includes review and approval steps that incorporate diverse forms of knowledge and expertise from the dairy sector worldwide. The IDF Science and Programme Coordination Committee oversees all IDF work. Find out more about the IDF publication process and teams involved below. Find all IDF publications on the publications page.

The National Committee (NC) represents one-member country and there is only one NC per member country. 

The Science and Programme Coordination Committee (SPCC) consists of fourteen members including the SPCC Chair, members representing each of the working areas of IDF, and three members each representing dairy farmers, dairy processors and academia.

The Steering Group (SG) consists of a chair, who is a representative of the SPCC for the relevant area, and experts, who are chairs and deputy chairs or representatives for specific areas of work. 

The Standing Committee (SC) is a pool of subject-matter experts. 

The Action Team (AT) is a working body appointed by a Standing Committee.