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IDF Circularity in the Dairy Chain Symposium 2024

DATE: December 3 – 4, 2024


Save the date for the IDF Circularity in the Dairy Chain Symposium 2024! The symposium will take place Dec 3-4, 2024, and will be held virtually.

The dairy value chain consists of several stages, from feed production and animal farming, to milk processing and product manufacturing, to distribution and consumption, to end-of-life management. Each stage involves different actors, activities, and impacts, and offers different opportunities for circularity. Circular practices are indispensable for the dairy sector’s sustainability amid growing concerns about environmental impact. These practices, focusing on efficient resource use and waste reduction, offer a range of benefits.

Optimizing resource utilization ensures the conservation of crucial elements like water and feed, while repurposing by-products into valuable resources creates new revenue streams. Circular approaches also address greenhouse gas emissions by promoting sustainable farming and optimizing energy consumption. The economic benefits of circularity include reduced operational costs and enhanced efficiency, contributing to the sector’s economic resilience. Additionally, circular practices align with consumer preferences for sustainable products, building trust and accessing environmentally-conscious markets.

Therefore, integrating circularity practices secures the sector’s long-term sustainability, aligning with global efforts for a resilient and responsible food supply chain.


2 September

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