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IDF & EDA COP28 Side Event: How Animal Source Food Nourishes The World In Times of Climate Change

DATE: December 5, 2023

The International Dairy Federation (IDF) and the European Dairy Association (EDA) are pleased to announce our official COP28 side event “How animal source food nourishes the world in times of climate change”.

The event will explore the role of territorial animal source food in nutrition security and climate action in particular in the case of vulnerable populations, including women and children. Experts will share their insights on the double challenge of addressing malnutrition and climate.

With the acknowledgement that agrifood systems play a role in climate change, comes a consideration of the trade-offs and synergies with respect to nutrition security and sustainable agrifood systems. When people are at their full potential, they can actively contribute their energy and time.
Currently there is no country on track with regards to food and nutrition security. Malnutrition, in all its forms, is a global concern that has lasting health, developmental and economic impacts for individuals, communities and nations.

Nutrient needs of humans vary substantially over their life course. While there are a variety of dietary patterns that can meet those needs, foods that are rich in nutrients are a critical part of healthy diets. Terrestrial animal source foods provide energy and many essential nutrients, such as protein, fatty acids and several vitamins and minerals that are less common in other food types.
This session will explore the interaction between nutrition security and climate change and focus how terrestrial animal source foods contribute to nutrition and food security.

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