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IDF Professor Pavel Jelen Early Career Scientist Prize

DATE: October 16, 2023

IDF is pleased to announce the establishment of a new award and prize for ‘early-career’ scientists and/or technologists to recognize their work in the dairy science and technology field – The IDF Professor Pavel Jelen Early Career Scientist Prize. The award has been named in honor of Professor Pavel (Paul) Jelen, a Czech born scientist who has spent his career based in Canada and the US, developing academic work on Dairy Food Science and Technology, and encouraging, mentoring, and educating students and early-career scientists and technologists, and who recognizes the importance of communication.

Purpose of the award

The award and prize will provide an opportunity for awardees to showcase their work at the annual IDF World Dairy Summit (WDS), and thus provide opportunities for further education and mentoring, and to enhance employment opportunities and options. It will also allow awardees to observe the business and operational workings of IDF.

IDF encouraged qualifying early-career scientists/technologists (students or those < 3 years since graduation for the highest earned degree attained) to submit for this Award and Prize. Submissions had to address scientific and/or technological aspects in which IDF has an interest and a remit, including one or more of the following:

  • Dairy science and technology, including processing and dairy ingredients
  • Sustainability
  • Standards of identity and labeling
  • Dairy food additives, contaminants, residues, and processing aids, including analytical methods
  • Dairy microbiology and dairy food safety, including hygiene, microbiological analytical methods, and global harmonization of methods
  • Dairy product composition, including analytical methods for components
  • Nutrition and health

2023 Winners Announced

IDF proudly presents the winners of the “IDF Professor Pavel Jelen Early Career Scientist Prize 2023”:

  • First Prize: Davor Daniloski
  • Second Prize: Grace Lewis
  • Third Prize: Gunvantsinh Rathod

Davor Daniloski, the first-place winner, is recognized for his groundbreaking research on the potential impact of β-casein phenotype on the structure-function relationship of milk and dairy products.

Grace Lewis, the second-place winner, has made remarkable advancements in optimizing the formation of casein micelle nanoparticles using high-pressure homogenization and processing aids.

Gunvantsinh Rathod, the third-place winner, has introduced a novel approach using fibrillated whey proteins to enhance the functionality of milk protein concentrate and non-fat dry milk.

Each winner will receive a prestigious award acknowledging their remarkable achievements. Davor Daniloski, the first-place winner, will be granted an honorarium of €400. Grace Lewis and Gunvantsinh Rathod, the second and third-place winners respectively, will each receive a printed certificate recognizing their outstanding achievements. They will also be awarded an honorarium of €200 each.

The three winners will be invited to the IDF World Dairy Summit 2023 to be held in Chicago, USA from 16 to 19 October 2023. There, they will have the opportunity to present their work as a poster and as a short oral presentation. They will also have the chance to meet Professor Pavel Jelen himself.

Presenting their work at the annual World Dairy Summit will provide both candidates and awardees with an invaluable platform to showcase their research and expertise, fostering opportunities for further education, mentoring, and employment in the dairy sector.

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