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New dates: 8th IDF International Symposium on sheep, goat and other non-cow milk – Virtual Event

Between 4-6 November 2020, the IDF Symposium on sheep, goat and other non-cow milk was held virtually for the first time ever. The Symposium covered the latest scientific advances about milk originating from other ruminants than cows on the fields of human nutrition and science and technology, as well as advances on animal health. Below, are the recordings, available to purchase, on demand for 30 EUR each.

Session 1: Sustainability

Session 2: Sustainable milk production

Session 3: Sustainable animal health strategies

Session 4: Novel milk products & health impact

Session 5a: Processing Technologies

Session 5b: Processing Technologies

Session 6: Quality and Safety

Session 7a: Udder Health

Session 7b: Udder Health

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