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A dynamic new look for the IDF website

Date: April 28, 2021
Insights type: News
Subject Area: Governance
Categories: News

A first glimpse at IDF’s new responsive, intuitive, and secure combined public website and e-shop!

The fresh new website has been carefully structured to deliver on the brief of a modern, clean, professional, intuitive, and secure multiplatform website. Our aim was to instantly impress website visitors with IDF’s clear expertise and its core identity alongside clearly communicating key messages.

In line with the vision of the organisation, the new online platform instantly engages website visitors and offers optimal accessibility, whilst conveying the high level of professionalism that the IDF team and global network adheres to. IDF’s online presence has been transformed by a structural rethink and rebrand that positions it as the global leader in dairy expertise. In the redesign, we present the existing IDF logo colours as the base colours, and the site design complements the coherent brand identity IDF has built, making it instantly recognisable. We have also added a timeline, that conveys IDF’s journey since the beginning in 1903, up until today.

Increased visibility in significant areas of our website such The IDF Pillars of Standards, Nutrition and Health, Sustainability and Dairy Safety and Quality is something we have vastly improved, making it clearer for visitors to access the vast breadth of important work carried out by our global IDF experts.

The new website design and functionality holds a more digitalised and exciting experience for its users, whilst maintaining a professional tone throughout and communicating IDF’s messages.  The subtle and stylish animation contributes significantly to user engagement and helps communicate the IDF’s messages.

The dynamic site offers publications, news, and events that are highlighted on pages of the site where they are relevant so that website visitors have instant access to this expert in-depth information. We have now also integrated our e-shop store into our public website, allowing an optimal user experience. Other examples of positive user experience are our intuitive and powerful search that brings up relevant results quickly and easily. The search functionality has been tailored to IDF’s requirements, and a live search has been added which allows the user to receive relevant results in real-time as they are typing.

A key focus of the site is the School Milk Knowledge Hub, an important focus for IDF which brings together the important role of milk and dairy products in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The section shares information and resources in a clearly navigable structure has the potential for limitless growth, and will be accessed by a unique domain name.

In short, a dynamic, global site for a dynamic global organisation!


IDF Communications
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