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IDF Awards Delivered Yesterday

Date: October 19, 2023
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IDF Award, IDF Prize of Excellence, Standing Committee Leader Recognition and Yves Boutonnat International Milk Promotion Trophy, the most important acknowledgements that the International Dairy Federation gives for outstanding contributions to Dairy Science and promotion, were delivered yesterday at a ceremony celebrated during the Gala Dinner of the IDF World Dairy Summit 2023 in Chicago, US.

IDF Award winner Professor Novakovic

IDF Award

The IDF Award is a prestigious prize granted to persons having made a significant contribution to dairy on a global level.

This year’s winner of the IDF Award is Professor Andrew Novakovic. Novakovic is a renowned economist with a distinguished career spanning academia, government, and consulting. His expertise lies in agricultural economics, particularly within the dairy sector, where he has made significant contributions in pricing, supply, demand, marketing costs, market operations, and policy analysis. Currently holding the title of Emeritus E.V. Baker Professor of Agricultural Economics at Cornell University, he also serves as a Graduate School Professor and Senior Consultant/Adviser. His experience extends to senior roles in the U.S. Department of Agriculture, including as an Expert Consultant, Senior Economist, and Special Government Employee.

IDF Prize of Excellence winner Dr Shah
IDF Prize of Excellence winner Dr Peters

IDF Prize of Excellence

The IDF Prize of Excellence is given as a mark of recognition and appreciation for an outstanding piece of work carried out by an individual or group of individuals, who contribute as volunteers from among the grassroots of IDF, to the IDF Programme of Work in accordance with IDF’s purpose and following the five key concepts constituting “SWIFT” as a driver for the further development of IDF. These concepts are Speed, Worldwide visibility, Impact, Focus, and Transparency. This year’s recipients are Dr Meenesh Shah and Dr Stephan Peters.


The Standing Committee Leader winner Vermaak

Standing Committee Leader Recognition

The Standing Committee Leader Recognition highlights exemplary achievements among the committees’ leadership and rewards exceptionally good handling of the Standing Committee and Task Force (SC/TF) processes: keeping the SC/TF focused and productive, providing constructive and high-quality contributions, working well together with IDF staff. As the latter criterion is only observable to the IDF staff, they review the nominations made by SC/TF members and IDF staff and decides on awarding the Recognition.

This year the SC Leader Recognition is awarded to Maretha Vermaak in recognition of an outstanding contribution as Nutrition representative on the Science and Programme Coordination Committee.


Yves Boutonnat International Milk Promotion Trophy winner Australia

Yves Boutonnat International Milk Promotion Trophy

The annual Yves Boutonnat International Milk Promotion Trophy competition was initiated in 1989 by the IMP Group. IMP is a permanent action team of the IDF Standing Committee on Marketing, it is a means of showcasing, to dairy farming and industry delegates attending the annual IDF World Dairy Summit, the best generic advertising campaigns created recently amongst the group in the key areas of innovation, nutri-marketing, and marketing communication. The Yves Boutonnat International Milk Promotion Trophy this year went to Australia with their campaign “Our Dairy Promise”.

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