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IDF creates dedicated food systems task force

Date: October 21, 2020
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IDF work on nutrition focuses on exploring the huge potential dairy has for alleviating malnutrition in all its forms and creating food security. Work centres on promoting a greater understanding of the nutritional value of dairy and the role it plays in healthy diets produced in a sustainable way, based on the latest scientific evidence.

As the world grapples with the challenges of feeding a rapidly increasing global population, a principal concern related to food production and consumption is ensuring the nutrient dense foods are nourishing the world in a sustainable way, and without compromising global health.

Further reaffirming the role of dairy in a sustainable food system

The United Nations will convene the Food Systems Summit in 2021. This major event for the world will represent an opportunity for renewed commitment to tackle hunger and malnutrition and the achievement of the SDGs to governments and all stakeholders. It will call for bold and structural change to the global food system by calling for not only changes to domestic and international policy but most probably also reform of private sector practices.

Development of the summit will be informed by a robust, inclusive, and decentralized preparatory process building on the many existing global events and platforms that are supporting the transformation towards more sustainable food systems. The summit represents an excellent platform to reaffirm the important role of dairy in a sustainable food system. Milk and dairy food consumption are a crucial part of the recipe to transition food systems and to achieving the SDG 2030 agenda, for multiple reasons: dairy contributes to health and wellness; it helps reduce poverty and ensure nutritional security; dairy helps safeguard our environment and is part of world culture.

The dairy sector has already been transitioning by strengthening good existing practices, and by innovating, improving, and being better equipped for the future.

IDF with its vast membership around the globe and expertise reflecting all segments of the dairy supply chain is well placed to ensure the voice of the dairy sector gets its place at the table at the Summit. To this end, IDF has set up a Task Force, led by outgoing IDF President Dr Judith Bryans, to follow progress.

The first meeting of the group was held in October 2020 and regular updates will follow. For further information on IDF work on food systems, please contact Laurence Rycken, IDF Science and Standards Program Manager.


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