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IDF publishes 4th update on inventory of microbial food cultures

Date: March 15, 2022
Subject Area: Dairy Science & Technology

The International Dairy Federation (IDF) announced the publication of the updated inventory of microbial food cultures (MFC), with a demonstration of the safety of use in fermented foods. As food science in the fermentation process is ever-evolving, this initiative has been ongoing for 20 plus years. This is presently the fourth bulletin of this topic to be released, replacing the ones published in 2002, 2012, and 2018.

As a demonstration of the safety of microbial food cultures, the 2022 update of this publication provides an inventory extended to other food matrices beyond dairy products, as well as an updated taxonomy.

The inventory aims to provide a “positive list” of food cultures used in food fermentation. The bulletin presents a “rationale for the construction of this list and a transparent process of inclusion” with a chapter focusing on a set of steps to achieve this action, as well as analyzing new submitted species and/or food usages.

This edition observes the changes in taxonomy, lists the additions and deletion of species, as well the observation of cross-over fermentations, which are processes in which a food culture from one fermented food matrix is introduced onto a new food matrix. The bulletin explains this technological beneficial role for the development of new fermented food products.

Readers will find a table inventory listing the species of microbial food cultures categorized by several elements like their food usage and reference, type strain and taxonomy down to the subspecies level eventually, reference for taxonomy, providing a detailed insight into over 300 live microorganisms.

François Bourdichon, Action Team Leader of the IDF bulletin states:

“The inventory should be used as a support for decision making by either food business operators or regulatory and supervisions authorities for the rationale of introduction in the food chain of microbial food cultures used in fermented food products”.

The Bulletin of the IDF n°514 is now available to download on the IDF website.

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