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Joint IDF / GDP Closing Statement UN COP27 November 2022

Date: November 29, 2022
Insights type: Joint statement
Subject Area: Environment, Sustainability
Categories: Joint statement

The United Nations Conference of Parties on Climate Change (COP27) offered an opportunity to show the world that Dairy is part of the solution to climate change by demonstrating how the sector is reducing its impacts on GHG emissions, water and land use, and optimizing its positive contribution on nutrition, soils and ecosystems.

IDF and GDP members and experts spoke at 14 events to share dairy’s commitments to comply with the goals of the Paris Agreement and the progress underway by the global Pathways to Dairy Net Zero P2DNZ initiative. They included:


Other COP27 dairy engagements included:

  • Agricultural Negotiations: Dairy took a leadership role in coordinating the Business and Industry Group (BINGO) engagement in the Agriculture Negotiations. Including delivering the opening statements on behalf of BINGO supporting the continuation of the negotiations on agriculture, as well as developing position statements delivered throughout the negotiations and reporting progress to the BINGO community at daily briefing sessions hosted by the International Chamber of Commerce.


The country negotiators (Parties) agreed on a COP decision that reported on the outcome of the work done by UNFCCC in 2018-2022 and established a four-year program that will be known as the Sharm el-Sheikh: Joint Work on Implementation of Climate Action on Agriculture and Food Security. The decision recognizes the vulnerabilities of livestock production to climate change and that sustainably managed livestock systems play an essential role in safeguarding food and nutrition security, livelihoods, sustainability, nutrient cycling, and carbon management. The document also recognizes the potential of the livestock sector through actions such as sequestration on grazing land and improved animal health to reduce greenhouse gases emissions in support of long-term climate objectives. The new joint work aims to coordinate climate action in agriculture and provide support and technical advice to UNFCCC parties and bodies while enhancing research and development in the field.


  • Agriculture and Adaptation Day: November 12 was the first ever Agriculture and Adaptation Day at COP. In addition to a full day of programming in plenary, there were an unprecedented number of agriculture events in five food-focused Pavilions in the days leading up to November 12.


  • FAST: The Egyptian Presidency and FAO formally launched the Food and Agriculture for Sustainable Transformation (FAST) initiative to create a platform to help agriculture and food get access to climate finance, technology, capacity building and policy.


  • Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate (Aim4Climate): Aim4Climate was heavily featured throughout the COP and received high-profile attention during the plenary session with U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack announcing a major conference in Washington, DC, next year on AIM4Climate. As UAE is a founding partner with the U.S. and UN Foundation on Aim4Climate, it is expected that this will gain momentum heading to COP28 in Dubai. Pathways to Dairy Net Zero is an AIM4Climate Sprint Initiative.


  • I-CAN Initiative: The Egyptian COP27 Presidency launched the Initiative on Climate Action and Nutrition (I-CAN) on Agriculture and Adaptation Day. The I-CAN Initiative will connect actions to accelerate progress in both climate (mitigation and adaptation) and nutrition, monitor progress, and provide technical support to member states.


  • Bilaterals: With COP’s increased focus on Agriculture, P2DNZ generated a lot of interest. As a result, the dairy sector held more than 35 bi-lateral meetings with representatives from governments, financial institutions, inter-governmental organizations, private sector, academia and NGO’s.


Dairy’s sustainability story was heard at COP27 thanks to the strong participation of farmers, companies and industry organizations. We look forward to building on this momentum at COP28 in Dubai where food, agriculture and livestock will again be on the agenda.

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