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Lookback to the IDF Centenary – 1903 to 2003

Date: February 25, 2021
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IDF has a long and distinguished history of serving the global dairy sector. The original aims of the Federation are much as they are today:  to represent the dairy sector at the international level by providing a global source of scientific expertise and knowledge; supporting the development and promotion of quality milk and milk products, to ensure health and well-being of consumers worldwide.

100 years of IDF!

In 2003, IDF marked an important occasion – it’s centenary. This important event in IDF history was marked on 9 September 2003 in Bruges, Belgium, with an important patron of the IDF centenary in 2003. To celebrate this occasion, IDF published bulletin 387/2004 – The Dairy (R)evolution – 100 years change to mark the centenary, along with a brochure, highlighting and 100 years of IDF.

The brochure included a timeline accompanied by various photos from IDF history and presented IDF’s worldwide development, scientific and technical interests, along with details on IDF Congresses, publications, and events. One of the first key activities in this brochure includes details of the first IDF commission set up in 1924. The focus was “cheese and the objective protection of denomination and standardized methods of sampling and analysis:” work where IDF continues to play an important role today.

A key achievement presented in this brochure is the first IDF annual meeting held in December 1928 at The Hague and includes an archive photo of members who attended the meeting. The role of this early group was to supervise the technical program of IDF, a task later appointed to the IDF Science and Programme Coordination Committee. Throughout the first years, scientific expertise expanded to dried and condensed milk, hygiene, industrial techniques, methods of analysis and sampling as well as discussion of dairying practices around the world. In recent years, the IDF annual meeting has been joined to the IDF World Dairy Summit, the world’s leading dairy event, attracting over 1000 attendees worldwide.

As we fast forward to post-World War II in 1946, the brochure further continues to look back at IDF’s achievements in the later years, where new partnerships were formed with international bodies, expanding IDF’s global status. For example, in 1952, IDF entered a formal consultative status with The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO – established in 1945). Over the many years since then, a close working relationship has been established in various fields of joint interest such as good dairy farming practices, animal health, hygiene and safety, and dairy policies and economics,

Just over 10 years later, another significant contact was formed. In 1963, IDF and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO – established in 1947) begun their longstanding collaboration to jointly develop and publish international standards and methods for sampling and analysis for milk and milk products, which continues to this. Within this year, IDF also obtained its first collaboration with Codex Alimentarius Commission and served as technical advisor to Codex, contributing to the safety, quality, and fairness in international food trade.

Throughout the 100 years journey, the celebration demonstrates IDFs achievements that have led it to expand and succeed to the organisation it is today. Readers have the chance to read and learn firsthand the ever-growing expansion of IDF.

To view exclusive various samples of the brochure, click here.

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