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The Role of Dairy in Sustainable Diets: Integrated approach to capture Sustainability

Date: January 31, 2018
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Subject Area: Nutrition & Health, Sustainability
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Experts from all over the world will gather in Seville, Spain, from 1-2 February 2018 to discuss dairy’s role in sustainable nutrition.

Some activists advocate against consumption of animal-source foods, arguing that abolishing these would be healthier for humans and for the planet. Is this really true? In Seville, Dr. Mary Beth Hall (USDA) will argue that a complete shift away from food animal production would present major challenges to meeting America’s nutritional needs, leading to nutritional deficiencies in calcium, vitamins A and B12 and some important fatty acids. However, the elimination of animal-source foods would reduce US greenhouse gas emissions by only 2.6%.

A take-home message from the study was that we need to expand the way we think about food production to account for the complex consequences of changing any individual piece within the wider food system.” Mary Beth Hall said.

Dr. Gregorio Varela Moreiras (University CEU San Pablo) will focus on “Dairy’s role in the health of the Spanish population.” Dr Moreiras will update participants on a recent study carried out in Spain whose findings reveal that the decrease in consumption of milk and milk products has a negative nutritional effect, including calcium deficiencies.

More than a dozen other speakers will cover various nutritional and environmental facets of milk and dairy products.

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