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The Role of Dairy in Sustainable Diets: Reducing the impact & adapting to climate change

Date: January 17, 2018
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Subject Area: Dairy Science & Technology, Environment, Farm management, Nutrition & Health, Sustainability
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Mitigation of environmental impact and adaptation to climate change will be discussed at the upcoming IDF Symposium on the Role of Dairy in Sustainable Diets, Seville, 1st and 2nd February 2018.

Jørgen E. Olesen is professor in agriculture and climate change at Aarhus University, Department of Agroecology, where he leads the section on Climate and Water. He has a very broad experience on the interaction between agricultural (and agroecosystem) activities and the environment. This involves both the effect of agriculture on environment and the effect of environmental change on agroecosystems in Europe and globally. In his presentation at the IDF Symposium he will cover how the dairy sector can adapt to climate change.

I will share with participants my experience on quantification of greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture and possible mitigation options, including both experimental and modelling studies of carbon and nitrogen fluxes in agricultural systems.” said Professor Olesen.

The Dairy Sustainability Framework has been developed to provide overarching goals and alignment of the sector’s actions globally on the path to sustainability. The Dairy Sustainability Framework (DSF) has launched seven of eleven global sustainability indicators for public reporting of the industry’s progress.

By establishing and tracking the indicator metrics for each Criteria, the DSF is able to report aggregate continuous improvement performance of the global dairy sector.

IDF President Dr Judith Bryans said “Consumers want to know that their food has been produced in a sustainable and responsible way. Reporting on these indicators allows the dairy sector to monitor and report its performance as producers of high-quality and sustainable nutrition that delivers the essentials for a better life.”

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