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School Milk Knowledge Hub shares info on importance of school milk worldwide

Date: June 17, 2021
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Subject Area: Nutrition & Health, Sustainability
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There is a long history of organizing school milk programs in every corner of the world, either as part of school meals programs or as stand-alone school milk programs. School feeding programs have been identified as an important social protection mechanism as they provide good nutrition and education to children, as well as are able to support local economies.

Comprehensive data shows that around 160 million children around the world benefit from milk in schools. Given the vital role of milk in childhood nutrition, since 1993, IDF has focused on supporting school milk programs around the world.

Organizing these programs sustainably needs careful preparation, monitoring, and evaluation.

This year, IDF launched a brand new digital and interactive platform, the School Milk Knowledge Hub. Led by experts from within the global IDF network, The Hub has been designed to bring together the knowledge and expertise on the implementation and organization of these programs.

The new platform guides you through an overview of the history of school milk programs worldwide, and presents various case study examples and data for those interested in implementing school milk programs in their country. These case studies have been compiled by IDF and its experts across the globe and detail the practical work being done to develop and implement school milk programs, as well as including shareable resources.

The Hub also provides a dedicated and relevant resources page, where you will find links that guide readers to a diverse range of information that can assist you with the development of school milk programs, as well as templates, and school milk designs for inspiration. Other relevant resources also include related reports and publications.

If you are interested in implementing school milk programs in your country or have information you would like to share with us on the platform, please do not hesitate to contact us.

About IDF’s school milk bulletin

Following on from its previous research into the area, in 2020, IDF shared an extensive review of global school milk programs, introducing data on their important impact on childhood nutrition.

Compiling research from global experts in the field on different programs around the world, IDF bulletin ‘The contribution of school milk programs to the nutrition of children worldwide’ provides insights on the range of products, along with raw data and literature review.

Available to download now, the 2020 edition includes a review on the evidence of the nutritional benefits of these programs, offering new perspectives into the global impact of school milk programs.

Bulletin of the IDF N° 505/ 2020: The contribution of school milk programmes to the nutrition of children worldwide – Edition 2020


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