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World Milk Day 2021 focuses on dairy sustainability

On World Milk Day 2021, the dairy sector shares the important steps being taken around the world to improve dairy sustainability and reduce dairy's carbon footprint.
Date: June 1, 2021
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This year’s World Milk Day takes the opportunity to showcase dairy’s commitment to innovation in reducing the sector’s environmental footprint, raising awareness of the farmers and other dairy professionals around the world who are embracing innovation to help create a low-carbon future for dairy. IDF and it’s members also joined the global campaign that reaches over 800 million impressions.

Celebrating all things Dairy

IDF celebrated the importance of dairy on World Milk Day, and it’s vital contribution to nourishing the world, as well as highlighting the key factors: Contributing to global food security, being a vital source of nutrition, changing lives, as well as thanking farmers for their everyday contribution. 

Dairy’s commitment to sustainability

The world’s population is growing. To be fit for the future, food production must be innovative and ensure the delivery of products that are culturally acceptable, nutritious, safe, sustainable and affordable. The global dairy sector is committed to continuously improving its ability to provide safe and nutritious milk and dairy products from healthy animals to close the nutritional gap, whilst preserving natural resources and ensuring decent livelihoods across the whole dairy value chain.

Sharing sustainable practices

Around the world, dairy farms are embracing initiatives to ensure sustainable dairy, including new approaches to agriculture, quality education, improved milk quality, development of rural areas through dairying, strong international cooperation, and climate commitment achievements.

A vital element of this is sharing knowledge on innovative and eco-friendly dairy farming and dairy processing innovations that focus on high quality animal care, and encourages the industry to adopt energy-saving, low-carbon and water-efficient practices, minimising negative socioeconomic and environmental impacts. 

Each day, dairy farmers impact the land, water and air we all share. But as good environmental stewards, they continuously innovate and adopt new practices and technologies to produce the same amount of food using fewer natural resources, yet still provide all the same great nutrients. On World Milk Day, some IDF members took the opportunity to share some of their farm stories.

Dairy sustainability in India

Learn more about actions being taken on dairy farms in India to improve carbon footprint, supporting high quality milk and nutritious, safe and sustainable dairy products:

Sustainable dairy in the US

The dairy community in the US is dedicated to addressing climate change and water quality while providing nutritious and affordable foods that promote public wellness. Learn more about actions being taken on two farms:

Recognising sustainability achievements in Germany

The farm of the Börger family in Germany stands for modern, efficient and sustainable agriculture. The farm recently won an award for their developments in sustainability, animal welfare and environmental protection, excellent herd management, great commitment to environmental protection, well thought-out energy concept.

The Börger family’s farm is a well-managed and modern farm where the animal is in the foreground. The whole family personally takes care of the cows and calves every day, supported by their employees. In addition, the farm is fully digitalised. For each animal, all measures and data are digitally documented from birth. In addition, with the help of digital measures, the farm manager can also monitor remotely how each individual cow and calf is doing. Cow health is correspondingly good, which is reflected in an above-average milk yield of 10,470 kg/cow/year.

Everything that happens on the farm is tailored to the needs of the cows. The buildings now offer ideal conditions for rearing and also for high labour efficiency. Watch the video here:

Year after year, generation after generation, milk and dairy foods continue to be a trusted source of nutrition and comfort around the world. Thanks to all the dairy farmers and professionals for their hard work to deliver safe and sustainable milk and dairy foods every day. Happy World Milk Day 2021!

To share your farm story, contact IDF Communications.

Apolina Fos

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