Celebrating World School Milk Day: Nourishing to thrive

With the beginning of the school year in my home country, Belgium, journal headlines highlight again the issue of “empty lunchboxes”. The situation of children going to school without any food to consume during their lunch break seems to only grow. It is hard to imagine schools being a place where children learn and develop […]

IDF welcomes the launch of the FAO document “Contribution of terrestrial animal source food to healthy diets for improved nutrition and health outcomes”

On April 25, I had the privilege to join a prestigious panel at the FAO in Rome for the launch of the first scientific review of the document “Contribution of terrestrial animal source food to healthy diets for improved nutrition and health outcomes”, requested by the member countries of the Committee on Agriculture – Subcommittee […]

Dairy nutrients support health throughout life

Today, IDF organised its annual Nutrition and Health Symposium, focusing on the role dairy plays across the life stages. Over 200 nutrition and health professionals from all over the world virtually attended the event led by 8 experts and 2 moderators from various regions of the world. Good nutrition is key for health and wellbeing […]

Join the IDF Nutrition and Health Symposium 2022

After hosting a very successful and engaging event last year with over 400 participants, IDF is holding its second annual virtual Nutrition and Health Symposium 2022. This year, the Symposium, dedicated to health professionals, especially dietitians and nutritionists, will dive into the role of dairy across the life course, focusing on children, adolescents, and ageing […]

IDF hosts webinar to celebrate World School Milk Day 2021

School milk programs are common in many countries around the world, with over 160 million children worldwide currently benefiting from milk in schools. School milk programs are recognized for their positive impact on the nutrition needs of school-aged children to support their growth and development. Research has shown that these programmes are in place for […]

New study shows importance of dairy in fracture prevention

A new study ‘Dietary Sources of Calcium and Protein Reduce Hip Fractures and Falls in Institutionalised Older Adults: a Cluster-Randomised Controlled Trial’ has been published in the British Medical Journal. Led by researchers at the University of Melbourne and Austin Health, the Fractures Trial investigated how the food served in aged care facilities impacted on […]