The dairy matrix, the focus of the IDF Nutrition and Health Symposium to be held on 3 May

The International Dairy Federation (IDF) will host its third annual IDF Nutrition & Health Symposium, a free virtual event that will take place on 3 May, 2023. Building on the success of last year’s event, which drew in over 200 participants, this year’s symposium will explore the fascinating topic of the dairy matrix and its impact on human health.

The event is directed at health professionals and will feature presentations from world-renowned experts in the field. It will be aired twice, at 7 am CEST and 4 pm CEST, to ensure that participants from all parts of the world can join at their convenience.

Presentations will explore the impact of the dairy matrix on colorectal, heart and bone health, as well as type 2 diabetes. These will be followed by an interactive panel discussion led by experts in the field.
By attending this free virtual symposium, participants will have the unique opportunity to stay abreast of the latest research findings and gain valuable insights into the complex mechanisms underlying the many health benefits associated with dairy.

“As the field of nutrition science evolves, we are witnessing a shift from the nutrient-based approach to a whole food approach when determining foods’ connection to health. The whole food approach is based on the idea that nutrients work together synergistically in whole foods to provide optimal health benefits that aren’t seen when the same nutrients are eaten in an isolated manner”, the organisers explain.

“This can be accredited to the unique ‘food matrix’ of each food, which refers to the complex interactions between a food’s components, such as fiber, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals. These interactions affect how nutrients are absorbed and processed, as well as the body’s physiological response. Dairy products are of particular interest in this regard, offering a unique set of high-value nutrients that are essential for optimal health in many different formulations”, they conclude.

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