Three Reasons Dairy is an Essential Part of a Sustainable Diet

  The UN Environment Assembly will be gathering soon in Nairobi to discuss the theme of “Innovative solutions for environmental challenges and sustainable consumption and production”. How we can build sustainable food systems will no doubt be at the centre of these discussions. As the President of the International Dairy Federation (IDF), every day I […]

Tackling antimicrobial resistance in the dairy sector is a global effort to ensure animal and public health, and food safety

By Caroline Emond, Director General The dairy sector has adopted an integrated supply chain management approach to curb the spread of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). This requires positive actions and cooperation by all players such as dairy farmers, veterinarians, dairy and meat processing companies, animal feed producers, pharmaceutical firms and regulators. The recent annual World Antibiotic […]

Our Future Depends on Ruminants

The media often reports how consumer choices can contribute to sustainable development, for instance by adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet. As a sustainability manager working for the International Dairy Federation (IDF), I came to realize that people are continually exposed to incorrect information that is repeated without being challenged, in particular about the impact […]