IDF Pillars

Working within the four IDF strategic pillars of Standards, Nutrition & Health, Sustainability & Safety & Quality, IDF’s experts cover key issues for the dairy sector

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Expertise that covers the whole dairy value chain To fulfil IDF’s vision and mission and to support our sector on the road to the future, IDF’s work is centred on four strategic pillars: Standards – Nutrition & Health – Sustainability – Safety and Quality. IDF is a member driven organization and experts from the membership actively participate in IDF’s Standing Committees, Working Groups and Task Forces under IDF’s four strategic Pillars. Working within the four Pillars, IDF’s experts cover the range of key issues for the dairy sector.


The development of science-based globally harmonised standards, guidelines, codes of practice and related methodologies across all working areas, to continually improve regulatory environments for the dairy sector. IDF works to support worldwide trade and ensure that future demands for nutritious dairy products can be met efficiently. IDF works to promote a balanced regulatory framework to support a fair global playing field to facilitate market access and support the competitiveness of the dairy sector.

Nutrition & Health

IDF work on nutrition & health focuses on exploring the huge potential of the dairy sector has for tackling malnutrition in all its forms and creating food security. Work centres on promoting greater understanding of the nutritional value of dairy and the role it plays in healthy and sustainable diets and increasing understanding of the science which determines the impact of dairy products on nutrition and health.


IDF supports the dairy sector’s long-standing values of responsible production, nourishing communities, and continuous improvement. Our science-based expertise helps the sector produce safe and nutritious milk and dairy products from healthy animals, to preserving and enhancing natural resources, and ensuring decent livelihoods across the whole dairy value chain and sharing knowledge on innovative and eco-friendly dairy farming and dairy processing technologies.

Safety & Quality

IDF engages in safeguarding the integrity and transparency of the dairy supply chain to ensure the safety and quality of milk and dairy products. IDF promotes dairy safety and integrity across the dairy supply chain through identifying and supporting the adoption of science-based best practices implemented transparently and contributing to the development of science-based guidance, and providing leadership on dairy safety, quality and risk management issues to key international organizations and influencers.