Sustainable animal foods are necessary to the world

Despite the consensus on the substantial role of animal food such as dairy in healthy diets and sustainable food systems. Despite the strong scientifical evidence of the nutritional and health benefits of nutrient-dense milk and dairy foods. Despite the crucial contribution of dairy to UN SDGs and food security. Despite all the commitments and numerous […]

Blog interview on COP27 with IDF Director General, Ms. Caroline Emond

  What is the relevance of COP27?   For us, COP27 is an opportunity to showcase the global dairy sector’s commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and specifically to Climate Action, and all the progress that has been made in that respect since the signing of the Dairy Declaration of Rotterdam in 2016 and […]

An interview with the Action Team on Life Cycle Analysis and LCA Monitoring

What is the relevance of the revised IDF global Carbon Footprint methodology for the dairy sector?  Aligning how to quantify greenhouse gas emissions and potential removals for dairy is critical for the sector, to build credibility and avoid confusion, both inside as well as outside the sector. Thus, the IDF Carbon Footprint standard for the […]

World School Milk Day approaches, By Maretha Vermaak, Milk SA

As we soon approach World School Milk Day on 28 September, IDF would like to highlight the importance of school milk programmes (SMPs), which contribute to children’s development across the globe. School milk programmes have been recognised over a century ago for their contribution to nutritional adequacy, health, and learning. Milk and dairy products are […]

Accelerating climate action in dairy, by Dr María Sánchez Mainar

The United Nations COP 27 on Climate, which will take place this November in Egypt, will be an opportunity to discuss agriculture and food systems and how dairy climate actions can be part of the solution. The global dairy sector is fully committed to reducing its impact on GHG emissions, water and land use and […]

Message from Chairman, NDDB and Member Secretary of IDF

On behalf of the Indian National Committee of the International Dairy Federation, it is my pleasure to invite all the great scientists, academicians, dairy professionals, dairy researchers, business delegates, dairy farmers, consumers and students from all over the world to attend the World’s Biggest Dairy Conference i.e. IDF World Dairy Summit 2022 from 12th September […]