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IDF Animal Health Report Celebrates Global Advances in Young Stock Management

Date: November 8, 2023
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The International Dairy Federation (IDF) is proud to present the latest edition of the IDF Animal Health Report, dedicated to the science and practice of young stock management. This edition takes readers on a global journey, exploring intriguing and inspirational cases from around the world, emphasizing the pivotal role played by calf and young animal management in ensuring the health and welfare of the dairy sector.

The IDF Animal Health Report transports its readers to diverse locations, including Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Kenya, Nigeria, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, and The Netherlands. Additionally, the report provides valuable insights from the World Organisation for Animal Health, one of IDF’s key stakeholders.

Whether you are a seasoned dairy farmer with years of experience or an inquisitive observer seeking knowledge, this edition shines a light on the transformation in the global dairy landscape. Today, animal welfare is viewed holistically, with a strong emphasis on the care and nurturing of calves and youngstock. This shift in perspective has made animal health and welfare a top priority for the dairy industry.

Ms. Caroline Emond, Director General of the International Dairy Federation, expressed her enthusiasm for this report, saying, “I extend a warm invitation to immerse yourself in this exploration of young stock management, with the goal of championing the well-being of the future generation of dairy animals. The health and welfare of our young stock are the foundation upon which a thriving and sustainable dairying is constructed.”

This edition of the IDF Animal Health Report is a testament to the global efforts to advance young stock management and to create a brighter future for dairy animals. The IDF continues to be at the forefront of initiatives to promote best practices and innovative approaches in the dairy industry.

For more information and to access the IDF Animal Health Report, please visit our publications page.

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