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New international standard published on determination of nineteen amino acids in dairy products

Date: December 14, 2022

A new standard has been published with a method for the quantitative determination of amino acids in one single analysis (tryptophan excluded). It has been validated for several products, including milk- and soy-based infant formulas, UHT skimmed milk, whey powder, whole milk powder, pet food and breakfast cereal.

 The standard is a good example of international cooperation between international standardization organizations. The standard is published as a joint IDF/ISO standard (ISO 4214|IDF 254), as a result of the cooperation between IDF and ISO/TC 34/SC 5 (milk and milk products), but also involving another ISO subcommittee, ISO/TC 34/SC 4 (cereals and cereal products). In addition, the method is also published as an AOAC standard.

 In support of Codex Alimentarius

Codex standard STAN-72 1981, on infant formula and formulas for special medical purposes intended for infants, is the basis for many national regulations and includes requirements regarding amino acids composition as part of the essential composition. Up till now there was no standardized method of analysis to verify compliance to national labelling regulations for amino acids. Infant formula and formulas for special medical purposes are probably the most heavily regulated and tested in the world because of the sensitive population it serves. It is important for the dairy sector because most infant formula are milk- based and contains dairy ingredients.

ISO 4214|IDF 254 is the answer to an urgent need to provide a harmonized dispute resolution method to verify compliance to regulations and agreed upon specifications in trade. For this reason, the standard will be submitted to Codex Alimentarius for inclusion in the Codex list of Recommended Methods of Analysis and Sampling (CODEX STAN 234).

More information

For more information on ISO 4214|IDF 254 or on the standardization process you can contact Aurélie Dubois, Science and Standards Programme Manager, [email protected]

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