IDF welcomes Russia & Kenya to its membership

The International Dairy Federation (IDF), the leading global source of science-based dairy expertise since 1903, has welcomed Russia and Kenya as official members of IDF, raising the overall number of member states within the Federation to 43. This year the IDF General Assembly was delighted to welcome two new members, Russia and Kenya, into the […]

Dairy outlook and consumer trends transforming the sector

In-depth understanding of global supply and demand trends “2018 and early 2019 will see balanced supply and demand overall but high price volatility” Mélanie Richard, Head of Economy, CNIEL The Dairy Outlook session opened with the launch of the new edition of IDF’s flagship publication, the 2019 IDF World Dairy Situation Report. Developed by experts from […]

Leading the way: Dairy Leaders’ Forum discusses challenges and opportunities

Building trust in dairy To ensure that people maintain confidence in dairy as part of a healthy and sustainable diet for the future, increased emphasis should be placed on what the dairy sector is doing to contribute towards zero hunger, zero carbon and other sustainable development goals. As put forward by Hanne Søndergaard, Chief Marketing […]

Addressing food loss and waste

Anticipating food loss “A pro-active approach in the process environment is required to mitigate the risk of product contamination” François Bourdichon, Consultant in Food Safety, Microbiology and Hygiene The dairy sector, like the rest of the food industry, is under pressure from the regulatory authorities, the certification bodies and consumer associations to prove the control […]

Dairy as a nutritional base to nourish the world

The important role of dairy in a sustainable diet “Considering current research, it is impossible to ignore the important role of dairy in a nutritious diet.” Maretha Vermaak, Registered Dietitian – Consumer Education Project of Milk SA While the world’s poorest nations face the devastating consequences of hunger and undernutrition, many parts of the world […]

Towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals

Transforming the dairy sector “Optimising the dairy sector’s contribution to the SDGs requires careful planning, implementation and monitoring” Berhe Tekola of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations. Malnutrition is the single largest contributor to disease in the world. The number of undernourished people is increasing (more than 821 million people). At the […]

Meeting the sustainability challenge

Farm sustainability is key “Farm is key to sustainability in the dairy chain. To improve sustainability, the farmer has to change practices. Key incentives include peer to peer pressure, subsidies and fines, and regulations” Alfons Beldman, Senior Researcher Wageningen Economic Research Individual processors need assistance and incentives to achieve progress in the sustainability performance of […]

Belgian guidelines endorse milk as a vital part of daily diets

Last week the Belgian Superior Health Council (SHC) confirmed that milk and dairy products deserve a place in a sustainable diet. Moreover, based on the latest insights into healthy food and sustainability, the SHC recommends an increase in the consumption of milk and dairy products. In a new recommendation, Belgium’s Superior Health Council advises the […]

Shaping the sector for a sustainable future

One of the main benefits of the IDF World Dairy Summit is the opportunity it presents to bring the sector together to discuss what the future holds for dairy, and how we, as representatives of the sector can help to shape it. I firmly believe that if we as a dairy sector have a bold […]

International Dairy Champions Honoured By IDF

Four dairy champions have been honoured for their leadership, dedication and commitment to the sector at the International Dairy Federation (IDF) World Dairy Summit 2019. The winners of the prestigious awards were announced during the Gala dinner of the 2019 IDF World Dairy Summit held in Istanbul, in front of representatives from across the global […]