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IDF driver of dairy sector growth and sustainability: Dr Judith Bryans

Date: October 15, 2018
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The International Dairy Federation (IDF) has been shaping the environment in which dairy operates and driving the sector forward for well over a hundred years, said IDF President Dr Judith Bryans.

Speaking at the opening of the annual IDF World Dairy Summit 2018 in Daejeon, Korea, on 15 October, Dr Bryans said IDF has helped to define how dairy operates “by developing standards used all over the world which ensure the quality of dairy foods, which also helps to facilitate the free flow of trade.”

“We have driven the environmental agenda forward, developing carbon and water foot printing methodologies, and through our commitment to the Dairy Declaration of Rotterdam signed together with the FAO,” said Dr Bryans. “We are stewards of the land and want a healthy planet for future generations. We’ve defended the nutritional integrity of dairy foods as nutrition is key to all age groups. We have also served as an advisor to Codex since it began, and promoted best practices in food safety, farm management and many more areas.”

Dr Bryans said one of IDF’s strengths is the unique way it works with its 41-member countries, allowing the organization which represents 75% of global milk supply to speak with true global consensus. When IDF speaks, she said it does so with the voice of the global dairy sector.

“We will continue to shape the future operating environment for dairy and hope you will support us in our work,” said Dr Bryans.

She commended the Korean team for its organisation of the Summit and bringing the world of dairy to Korea to exchange knowledge on Dairy for the Next Generation.

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