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Warm welcome to delegates at the IDF World Dairy Summit 2018

Date: October 12, 2018
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International Dairy Federation President Dr Judith Bryans and Chair of the IDF World Dairy Summit 2018 Organizing Committee Mr Lee Chang Buhm extend a warm welcome to all delegates to this annual meeting which will take place from 15-19 October in Daejeon, Korea.

The Summit, which bears the theme ‘Dairy for the Next Generation!’ will be opened by former UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon on 15 October at the Daejeon Convention Centre. He will speak on the ‘Sustainable Development Goals and the Desirable Role of Global Dairy’.

Also gracing the event is Codex Secretary Tom Heilandt who will address delegates on 17 October about the importance of global cooperation to strengthen food safety standards aimed at protecting public health.

“This year’s Summit brings together international experts who will share their insights on the dairy sector and their vision for growth, while examining emerging trends, technology and innovation, and applying R&D to anticipate future needs and to address tomorrow’s challenges,” said Dr Bryans.

“The global expertise which will convene at our flagship conference will infuse greater scientific knowledge and technical understanding among our members and industry players to keep abreast of international developments in the dairy sector,” she added.

Mr Lee said Korea takes pride in hosting the Summit which will offer a platform for useful dialogue on global dairy issues.

“Korea’s dairy sector can be inspired by the dynamism of market leaders,” said Mr Lee. “Local dairy producers, processors, cooperatives and dairy-related organizations can learn from their counterparts in other countries and benchmark themselves against the global success of leading brands. At the same time, major  Korean dairy producers can share their development experience and the application of technologies to boost productivity.

“The Summit meeting in Daejeon will facilitate the cross-fertilisation of ideas to generate practical solutions to improve dairy quality and output which will benefit the dairy community and consumers worldwide,” he concluded.

Mr Lee also welcomes the participation of delegates in the technical tours to visit dairy farms and factories, as well as a roughage cultivation field, a totally mixed ration manufacturing plant, and a livestock manure treatment and recycling facility.

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