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Global platform for dialogue on dairy development: President of IDF Korea

Date: October 15, 2018
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The IDF World Dairy Summit 2018 is a forum that brings together international experts to share their knowledge and expertise, and exchange ideas on enhancing the dairy sector, said President of IDF Korea, Lee Chang Buhm.

He said the annual Summit which was launched today by former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon in Daejeon, Korea, will benefit delegates through the opportunities to interact with their counterparts from other countries and learn from their development experience.

“Since we joined IDF in 2006, our dairy industry has grown,” said Mr Lee. “With the hosting of the Summit, we have the opportunity to promote Korean dairy products and to help internationalize our brands.”

Mr Lee, who also Chairs the Organizing Committee of the World Dairy Summit 2018, said the Korean dairy sector can learn from experts, policy makers, academics, producers and processors about policies, supply management and value chains.

“We hope to enhance our policies on pricing and milk supply to support the dairy sector in Korea by studying the impact of dairy policies in Europe and America. We are also keen to learn about new technologies to improve production as we expand our markets in China and Southeast Asia, targeting Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore, before we find opportunities in Europe and America.”

Korean exports to the region include ice cream, yoghurt, plain milk, liquid and milk powder, which is popular in China, said Mr Lee. He said Korean milk and dairy products are produced with high quality in food safety. He stated that processed milk powder, particularly infant formula, is sought after by Chinese consumers, which is encouraging to Korean exporters.

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