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For the last 120 years, IDF has contributed to the development of standards for the dairy sector and has closely collaborated with key stakeholders to share its expertise for milk and dairy products, with safe, sustainable and fair-trade practices at heart.

Helping to nourish the world with safe and sustainable dairy.

The International Dairy Federation (IDF) represents the global dairy sector and
ensures the best scientific expertise is used to support high quality milk and
nutritious, safe and sustainable dairy products.

IDF pillars​


IDF contributes to the development of science-based globally harmonized standards, guidelines, codes of practice and related methodologies across all working areas, to continually improve regulatory environments for the dairy sector

Nutrition & Health

IDF pro-actively supports science-based nutrition policies to ensure that dairy is an integral part of the diet for all age groups and contributes to closing the nutritional gap


IDF pro-actively supports a vibrant dairy sector committed to continuously improve its ability to provide safe and nutritious milk and dairy products from healthy animals to close the nutritional gap whilst preserving natural resources and ensuring decent livelihoods across the whole dairy value chain.

Safety & Quality

IDF engages in safeguarding the integrity and transparency of the dairy supply chain to ensure the safety and quality of milk and dairy products.

Our Work

Dairy & sustainable development goals

The dairy sector is an essential contributor to the UN sustainable development goals.

While the sector has obvious impacts on ending hunger, achieving food security, and improving the nutritional value of diets in a sustainable manner, the sector also has an important part to play in the achievement of many of the other sustainability goals identified.

For more information on the dairy sector’s commitment to the sustainable development goals, including case studies and other information, visit the website of the Dairy Declaration of Rotterdam.

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IDF Membership

IDF’s membership is made up of National Committees, constituted by dairy organizations in each country and representing as fully as possible the various dairying activities of the country (such as milk production, manufacture, distribution, technology, science, human nutrition, marketing, economics, education and administration).

It is estimated that 12-14% of the world population live on dairy farms or within dairy farming households

More than 6 billion people worldwide consume milk and milk products

At least 160 million children around the world currently receive and benefit from receiving milk at school

World milk production is expected to grow 1.7% p.a. reaching approximately 981 Mt by 2028

Milk and dairy foods are important sources of several nutrients that contribute to health and a well-balanced diet.

The dairy sector benefits from IDF/ISO’s unique collaboration to provide standards for methods of analysis and sampling

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IDF provides a permanent source of authoritative scientific and other information on a whole range of topics relevant to the dairy sector.

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