IDF creates dedicated food systems task force

IDF work on nutrition focuses on exploring the huge potential dairy has for alleviating malnutrition in all its forms and creating food security. Work centres on promoting a greater understanding of the nutritional value of dairy and the role it plays in healthy diets produced in a sustainable way, based on the latest scientific evidence. […]

Dairy is essential to achieve the SDG 2030 agenda

Dairy goats grazing

International Dairy Federation DG Caroline Emond looks at how sustainable production, processing, and consumption of milk and dairy products benefit people and the planet and can help to achieve the SDGs.

The history of the break-time milk day in Switzerland

School milk programmes around the world contribute to good health and nutrition for children in schools. As part of our school milk series, Daniela Carrera, Team Manager for School Programmes in Switzerland at Swissmilk, provides an overview of how school milk programmes are handled in Switzerland and the benefits they offer to both students and […]